Thursday, July 6, 2017

:Audrey & Leo meet Henry & Coming Home:

Audrey and Leo were at the day home when Henry was born. Auntie L and Uncle C took them there in the morning after spending the night at our house with them while I was in labour. 

Hubby picked them up at the end of the day and told them the baby was born. Audrey was slightly disappointed at first that Henry was a boy but she quickly got over that. We decided that they would come to the hospital for a quick visit to meet Henry since I was spending the night. 

When I talked to them on the phone just before they came over, Leo exclaimed "Mommy, the baby was born! His name is Henry!" It was so sweet! 

When they arrived they were so excited!! Audrey had made him a special little card and they brought him his bunny. 

Leo kept talking to Henry in a sweet voice, telling him he was his big brother.

Audrey was thrilled to hold Henry. 

Leo was pretty pumped too!

They sang him the full version of Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star which we used to sing to him on the inside! 

My mom surprised us with a visit which was nice! 

We were discharged the next morning as both of us were doing well. I had a good sleep the night before.  My nurses were fabulous-- I had the same day nurse , Ener, for both days in postpartum. She was so thorough and even phoned my midwife to debrief her which she said never happens. 

Daddy dressed Henry, we loaded him into his carseat and headed home to officially be a family of 5!!

Of course big sister wanted to hold him as soon as we got home.

Her hands look giant next to his!

Our families and friends were so helpful during this time-- from dropping everything to be with the big ones while in labour, to bringing us meals, stocking our freezer with food, entertaining the older two with visits and sleepovers. The transition to 3 children was relatively smooth due to all the help from our village.


  1. I love this! Family of 5 looks great on you!

  2. I love these photos and you look SO good!! I agree - having a great village makes all the difference.


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