Thursday, August 10, 2017

:Henry's Newborn Photos:

As you can imagine, spare time is pretty hard to find around these parts lately so it's taken me awhile to share Henry's newborn photos here. 

Whitney came to our house when Henry was 11 days old to take some lifestyle photos of us with our newest addition. It was a bit hectic juggling all three but as usual Whitney was so patient, the kids were pretty good and she captured some pretty special moments for us. Henry was pretty alert for most of the session, which is exactly how he was even as a tiny newborn!

I cried when I received the photos. Every time she manages to get all the perfect shots, even amongst the chaos. I don't know how she does it but I am so grateful she does!

As always, it's nearly impossible to pick my favourite photos but I managed to narrow it down a bit! Henry has grown so much since these were taken! He's such a chubby little boy now-- so hard to believe he was ever this little!


  1. Love them all! Whitney did such a great job :)

  2. These are so beautiful. She got some amazing shots and your new house is perfect for them!


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