Monday, September 25, 2017

:Henry: Four Months:

Eating: Henry generally eats every 2-4 hours. I really need to try giving him a bottle so I can attempt to get away but it seems like more work than it's worth!

Sleeping: Sleep has been a bit challenging now that school has started. It seems like I am always waking Henry up from a nap for school drop off or pick up. I'm really working on making sure he gets a good morning nap in his crib before we have to go to school. His afternoon nap on the days Leo doesn't go to school is usually at home in his crib but again I'm waking him to pick Audrey up from school. This makes for one very unhappy baby :(

Looks like we have hit the 4 month sleep regression since Henry is no longer sleeping through the night. For the last 10 days or so he has been waking up 2-3 times a night, almost like clockwork. He goes down to bed between 7-8pm and has been waking at 12:45pm, 3:30am and 5:45am. I've been spoiled with his good sleep for the previous 6 weeks so I'm struggling now with the wake ups so hopefully we can get that figured out soon. He is still swaddled for sleep (with one arm out) but he's getting good at busting out of it if I don't do it tight enough.

Diapers: Size 2.

Weight/Size: Henry weighs 14.5lbs and 24 inches long. He has dropped percentiles, now 24% for weight and 28% for height. The doctor isn't worried and says he is growing nicely.

He is wearing mostly 3-6 month clothes. He is growing out of his size 1 Minimocs but I'm still stuffing his feet into them because I'm in denial that he growing so quickly! He keeps kicking them off so I think it's time to retire them.

Hair and eyes: Dark brown/black hair, with a bit of a balding pattern at the back from rubbing his head back and forth! His eyes are definitely turning hazel.

Personality: Henry is usually pretty happy but this new school routine has been hard on him. He cries every time he goes into his carseat which breaks my heart. I'm trying to wear him as much as possible when we are out so he isn't in the carseat as much but it's still hard. He has been giggling a little bit but I'm still having a hard time catching a smile on camera.

Nicknames: Baby Henry, Litte Man or 'Hen-ra' as Leo calls him

Likes: sucking his thumb, fingers and fist, laying on his play mat with toys, bath time and being worn.

Dislikes: Being in his carseat, wet diapers, being alone.

Milestones: Henry rolls once and awhile but not too often which is fine with me!

Mama: The school transition has been exhausting-- it's so hard to lift Henry in and out of the car 4-8x a day with all the drop offs so I've started taking out the stroller for Audrey's pick up/drop offs. The hardest part has been with Henry struggling with the new schedule-- hearing him cry in the car seat all the time is heart breaking. But we are getting into a good routine so I'm sure it will get better. Henry and I have been going to a mommy and baby barre class 2x a week while the big kids are in school. Great workout for Mom and Henry sleeps in the Ergo while I do a million squats. I'm trying hard to workout at least 3x a week. Some days it feels like I have to pick between eating and working out-- not enough time in the day!

Big Sister & Big Brother: Audrey and Leo are adjusting well to their new school routines. They do miss going to the day home (they ask weekly when they are going to Anna's). Sometimes Audrey gets upset that she goes to school 5x a week and Leo only goes 3x, but for the most part she enjoys school.
They still dote on their little brother-- Audrey has started picking Henry up so I have to watch her! Leo loves to talk to him and lay down with him when he is on the floor. They are the best big siblings and Henry loves watching them too. Good entertainment!


  1. Even with Chloe that was my goal - one good crib nap a day. If not we would have done nothing and rarely left the house lol.
    I agree that it will get better, new routines always take a bit for everyone to adjust :)

  2. Happy 4 months Henry! Time needs to slow down

  3. Such a cutie!!! I couldn't imagine that school pickup schedule!!! Soo glad I got to meet him!!

  4. Aw time goes by so fast! What a good baby he is! He just goes with the flow and busyness of his siblings!! And gets cuter by the day.


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