Sunday, September 24, 2017

~Summer Vacation 2017~

In August, we were lucky enough to go on a 2-week vacation to Penticton, BC. We went with Grandma and Grandpa N, and rented an uncle's house just off Skaha Lake. 

Since it's a 9 hour drive on a good day, we did the trip in 2 days each way. Plus hubby likes to stop a lot along the way to explore rather than blazing through to reach the destination. With young children, stopping half way was a good idea.

On the way there, we stopped at Takakkaw Falls, near Field, BC. The drive up to the falls is quite an adventure in itself-- the road is very windy and narrow. Very picturesque, despite the rain. 

We stayed overnight in Revelstoke. We had dinner at The Village Idiot which was so good we ate there again on the way back!

The second day of our journey to Penticton, we stopped at The Enchanted Forest. The kids LOVED it! Ok, even the adults had a blast. If the weather had been a bit nicer, we could have easily spent another hour there on top of our 1.5 hours.

We arrived in Penticton and the weather was much better than it had been on our drive. Hot and sunny for the entire time.

The view from our house was beautiful. Waking up to the mountains and lake never gets old. Some days it was quite smoky from the nearby fires but it did clear up.

The kids lived at the beach.

They spent hours playing in the sand.

It was a bit too hot and sunny for Henry to be outside much at the beach so this sun tent I ordered from Amazon was perfect to keep us shaded. Big hats were a must for me.

We were sandwiched between two Tickleberrys ice cream shops so we had to get some ice cream cones a couple times. They were giant and delicious! And a little bit messy!

One morning, we went on the Kettle Valley Railway, which again was so much fun for the kids and parents ;)

They had this fun little scavenger hunt for the kids to look for along the ride. Trampolines, cars, horses, boat, a bear... yes, we did see a bear!

The kids loved swimming in the lake! I thought Audrey might be a bit more hesitant but she was in there every day.

This floatie was a great idea--

Hanging out in the shade...

There was a lot of sandcastle building going on.

Hubby and I went wine tasting one afternoon, with Henry, while the big kids stayed with Grandma and Grandpa. We had a tapas lunch on a nice patio at Misconduct Wine Co.

Henry slept while we visited a few more wineries.

The kids had so much fun having Grandma and Grandpa around to play with them. Traveling with grandparents makes is so much easier and more like a vacation when you have extra hands to help with the kids and prepare meals.

Another night, hubby and I (and Henry) went out for dinner to celebrate our 11th anniversary! We went for nice walk by Okanagan Lake.

There was a playground and spray park by the beaches so we would walk or bike there a few times to cool down. The kids slept very well on vacation because they were so active each day!

We visited with family who also have houses on the same street. It was nice to see everyone that we haven't seen in awhile.

After two fun filled weeks, it was time to go home. On the way home, we stopped at Emerald Lake for a short hike. It's so beautiful here! 

It was the perfect summer vacation!

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  1. What an awesome trip!! I want summer back! I'm glad you guys got out for a few date nights too!


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