Saturday, February 24, 2018

~Audrey: 6 Years~

Dearest Audrey,

Six!! Six whole years of loving you!! Goodness, it seems like yesterday we were dreaming of you and just like that you are practically grown up! You have grown up and changed so much this year and we love the girl you are becoming.

This has been a big year of change for you-- with a new baby brother, and starting kindergarten and you have accepted those changed with grace and excitement. Watching you become a big sister for the 2nd time has been such a pleasure and gives us so much pride. You adore you baby brother and are my biggest helper.

Kindergarten has opened up the world of French to you and you love it! You are excelling in your new language and you truly love going to school and learning each day.

Eating: Loves snacks, yogurt, waffles, fruit and triangle wraps (with cheese). Hates meat, sauce, and some veggies. Most meals are a bit of a struggle to get her to try them, unless they contain fries and/or chicken fingers. She has a sweet tooth but doesn't like icing on her cake/cupcakes.

Sleeping: She sleeps like a rock most nights 8pm-7:30am, unless her brother wakes her up earlier.

Hair/Eyes: Hair is dark brown, long and curly. Eyes are a lovely hazel-green.

Weight/Height: ~ 47 lbs. She is ~48 inches tall. She's tall and lean, wearing 6-7 clothes and size 13-1 shoes.

Likes: She LOVES to craft. She wants to craft in some way every day. She loves going to Sparks because they do a lot of crafting. She enjoys school because they craft a lot. She also likes playing with dolls, doing puzzles, helping in the kitchen and playing with her baby brother. She also enjoys playing with Lego since she can build whatever she likes.

She loves her gymnastics class and can't wait to go every week. She likes dance once she is there but it's on a weeknight so she struggles with coming home from school and then leaving to go to dance.

Her favourite TV show currently is Transformers.

Dislikes: Having her craft time or play time interrupted, and when her brother bothers her.

Big Sister: Audrey loves her little brothers. She is the best big sister to Henry and she dotes on the baby all day long. She gets mad when she doesn't get "Henry time". Usually she plays so well with Leo and she is a big help to Mom by helping Leo get dressed or clean up.

Kindergarten: Audrey has thoroughly enjoyed starting Kindergarten this year! She loves learning French, her new friends and Madame Therese. She is thriving in her class and loves to learn. Anything art or creative is her favourite.

Audrey is our special girl and we are so lucky to be her parents!

Happy 6th Birthday my sweet girl!!

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  1. What beautiful photos of her! What a gem she is. And it's quite amazing how fast 6 year can go by!! I honestly remember meeting her so vividly!!


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